Handling Probate Is NOT Easy!

Knowing the things you need to do and finding the best resources to complete them is time consuming and difficult.

Here's what I can do for you...

  • Help you PRICE and SELL the property quickly
  • Arrange for CONTRACTORS to handle any necessary repairs
  • Work with ESTATE SALES companies to sell the personal property
  • Arrange CLEAN-OUT crews to ensure the home looks great, inside and out

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The Sale of Probate Real Estate

OPTION 1: After basic property removal and clean-up, sell for "as is" market price

You can list the property to go on the NWMLS®. But before you do, you can have someone go through the house, tag and price any remaining personal possessions, have an estate sale, then donate the rest of any items left over. Then, if needed, have a clean out crew get rid of any rubbage or items that could not be donated. After that, have a cleaning service go through and do a thorough cleaning (stoves, refrigerators, countertops,  toilets, bathtubs, floors and carpets, etc.). At this stage your listing can go "live" on the NWMLS®. This will insure it sells quickly and at a good price, even if it is an older home and needs updating.

OPTION 2: Update and remodel the home to get the maximum market price.

Do more extensive repairs and clean up as may be required (painting, landscape work, major systems repair). You can elect to get the house into tip-top condition and the have it listed on the market for top-dollar and promoted in all the ways you would expect with a traditional real estate transaction. This will definitely bring you the most exposure and the most opportunity for profit. However it will also be the most time-intensive and take the most effort.

OPTION 3: Quick Sale, As-Is

If your situation calls for a quick sale, I can list the property right away "as is" on the NWMLS® and bring you cash buyers in a matter of days who can usually close the transaction in just a couple of weeks. And I can also have offers submitted from one or more investors that I work with in Greater Seattle Area. Cash buyers are typically professionals who buy homes for investment purposes, will purchase your property as-is, usually for less than market price. The benefit to going this route is a much quicker sale, and you won't have to worry about repairs or investing more into the property to prepare it for sale.

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